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Equipment Specifications

General Information
The Next New Airbus Available, August 2012 Delivery

Detailed Description
“Green” Completion Status & Details:
• Airbus has scheduled the “Green” delivery to take place on or around August 2012
• The best value anywhere for the most spacious business jet in the world!

Standard Configuration & Provisions:
• Galley – Provisions for both forward and aft galley
• Lavatories – One Lavatory should be installed forward of the forward passenger/crew door, with complete provisions for forward and aft passenger lavatories

Documentation used to build this specification summary (Available Upon Request):
• Airbus ACJ Specification Document - Available thru Jetcraft
• Spec Change Notices (SCN) - Airbus ACJ - August 2012

Airframe Highlights:
• EASA Certification
• 5 ACT Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
• MTOW Increase – 76.5 Tons
Engine Specs:

Left & Right:
Engine Make: IAE International Aero Engines
Engine Model : V2527M-A5 w/SelectOne Product Upgrade
Description: Two-shaft high-bypass turbofan engine
Thrust: 26,500 lbs per engine
Standard Avionics:
Digital Automatic Flight System (AFS) consisting of:
• Two (2) Flight Augmentation Computers
• Two (2) Flight Management & Guidance Computers
• Two (2) Multipurpose Control & Display Units
• Flight Control Unit
• Dual Autopilot & Flight Director
• Dual Autothrust
• Fail Operational Automatic Landing

• Aircraft Communication Addressing & Reporting system (ACARS)
• Dual Radio Altimeters
• Air Data/Inertial Reference system (ADIRS)
• Global Positioning Unit (GPS)
• Digital Flight Data Recording system (DFDRS)
• Centralized Fault Display system (CFDS)
• Aircraft Integrated Data system (AIDS)
• Electronic Instrument System (EIS)
• Integrated Standby Instrument system (ISIS)
• Two (2) HF Data Radio systems (HFDR)
• Three (3) VHF Data Radio systems (VDR)
• Audio/SELCAL & Call systems
• Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder (SSCVR)
• System Provisions and limited installation for the CIDS
• Two (2) Radio Management Panels w/8.33 kHz spacing (RMP)
• Emergency Locator Transmitter
• Dual Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
• Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
• Weather Radar system
• Traffic & Collision Avoidance systems (TCAS II)
• Multifunction Printer
• Up & Down Data Loading system
• Central Warning System (CWS)
• Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning system (EGPWS)
• ATC Transponder – Mode S

Avionics Options (SCN’s):
• Additional wiring for single HFDL function
• Activation of HFDL function for HFDR
• System provisions for SRT2100 SATCOM
• ECAM – OEB reminder function activation on FWC
Additional Equipment:
• Installation on electrical outlets in the cockpit
• Fourth (4) occupant seat in cockpit
• Installation of electrical foot warmers for pilots